Nowadays, Capesize … Capesize. [85] The breadth of the Valemax ships is about 65 metres (213 ft). [21] The shipbuilding contract, worth US$483 million, was signed in July 2009. ... Capesize Valemax … [19] The twelfth and last Valemax vessel of the original order by Vale, Ore Ningbo (renamed before delivery), was delivered on 23 January 2015.[20]. [44][129][135][136] However, due to the large size of the vessels the emissions per cargo ton-mile are very low and thus the Valemax vessels are in fact among the most efficient long-distance dry bulk carriers in service – Vale has reported a 35% drop in emissions per ton of cargo carried in comparison to older ships. The partially loaded ship docked at the port of Lianyungang en route from the Vale transshipment hub in Subic Bay, Philippines. If the 400,000-ton Valemax vessels are allowed to Chinese ports, Vale's monopoly on the route may result in losses for other shipping companies operating capesize ore carriers. On 2 November 2008, Oman Shipping Company signed a framework agreement with RSHI for the construction of four 400,000-ton vessels to transport iron ore from Brazil to the Port of Sohar in Oman, where Vale is expected to open a steel plant in near future. Capesize … For commercial purposes, most bulk carriers are grouped into four major categories: Handysize, Handymax, Panamax, and Capesize… [2], The first Valemax vessels were ordered on 3 August 2008 when Vale signed a contract with the Chinese shipbuilder Jiangsu Rongsheng Heavy Industries (RSHI) for the construction of twelve 400,000-ton ore carriers. Prior to this, only one of the new very large ore carrier chartered by Vale, Berge Everest, had unloaded Brazilian iron ore at a Chinese port – the ship arrived at Dalian on 28 December 2011 – but this was assumed to be a bureaucratic fluke as no Chinese port has regulatory approval to receive dry bulk carriers of that size. [68] China COSCO Shipping Corporation awarded the construction of all of its ten 400,000-ton ore carriers to Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding. [108][112] According to calculations performed by DNV the damage was not caused by global strength issues or single pass loading, but is assumed to be related to local buckling strength in some areas of the web frames in the aft ballast tanks. A further 6 Valemax, 46 VLOCs, 17 standard Capsizes, and 2 baby Capes are scheduled to be delivered in 2019. Additionally, a number of Valemax vessels have been renamed by replacing Vale with Ore or Sea but retaining the second part of the name. [59] It was followed by Berge Aconcagua on 15 March 2012[60] and Berge Jaya on 12 June 2012. For more info go to our Cookie Policy, Baltic index logs 6th straight week of gains, LPG Trade: The US Market Dominated During 2020, A-share market forecast to sustain bullish growth, Drewry: World Container Index Reaches Highest Level Since 2011, Guide for Carriage of Hazardous Materials, Transport Webinar Series – Maritime | Episode 1, SMM Director Claus Ulrich Selbach on the current status of SMM DIGITAL 2021, PORT IS WHAT WE DO – New filter drum for the METHA, BIMCO’s Q4 Shipping Market Outlook webinar, The city of Piraeus and the Municipal Theatre of Piraeus with Panama Flag colours. [138] The Japanese-built ships have 7RT-flex82T engines rated at 24,600 kW (33,000 hp) and 74 rpm, slightly less than their South Korean- or Chinese-built equivalents. Valemax ships are a fleet of very large ore carriers (VLOC) owned or chartered by the Brazilian mining company Vale S.A. to carry iron ore from Brazil to European and Asian ports. Capesize The Vale disaster weighed heavily on the market for big ships, with uncertainty about shipments/future exports leading to a sharp drop in rates. [103] These were the first Valemax vessels to officially change ownership. 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However, because of the global economic downturn and the reluctance of Chinese ports to accept the fully laden ships, the new board of directors decided to focus capital allocation to mining. [44], In addition to the ships Vale ordered for itself, more ships of similar size were to be built for other shipping companies and chartered to Vale under exclusive long-term contracts. ABBREVIATION OR REMARK. [75][76] A second vessel (NSU Brazil), was ordered in June 2017 and a third (NSU Tubarao) later that year; both were delivered in late 2020. [53] While both of the two remaining ships were supposed to be delivered by the end of 2013, only Vale Maranhao entered service on 29 August. They are very large and ultra large cargo vessels with a capacity over 150,000 DWT. The development had reportedly started in 2007. [105] The last Valemax vessels were reportedly sold in December 2017. [58], On 30 April 2007 Berge Bulk signed a contract with the Chinese shipbuilding company Bohai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry for the construction of four 388,000-ton very large ore carriers. However, at the time the Chinese officials had not yet lifted the ban for fully laden Valemax vessels. After unloading at Sohar, the ship headed to South Korea for dry docking and arrived at STX shipyard in Jinhae, where it was delivered in September 2011, for inspection and repairs on 21 April 2012. [148] When Vale Brasil was diverted to Italy on her maiden voyage, there was speculation that the domestic steel industry of China had urged the authorities to protect their commercial interests. [69] ICBC, which would later hand over the vessels to China Marchants Energy Shipping, announced that six of its ships would be built by the Chinese privately owned shipyard Yangzijian Shipbuilding while the remaining four would be awarded to Qingdao Beihai Shipbuilding. [120] In January 2012 China officially banned the vessels from Chinese ports. CSA was particularly concerned about the ability of the newly built ships to withstand various sea conditions and the pollution resulting from fuel oil leaks in case of structural damage[119] — each Valemax ship can carry around 10,000 tons of fuel oil. The freight rates, down 80% from 2008, were expected to drop further down to the levels of 1977. The Valemax ships are Vale’s ultra-large vessels, which have a capacity of 400,000 dead weight tons (dwt). With a capacity ranging from 380,000 to 400,000 tons deadweight, the vessels meet the Chinamax standard of ship measurements for limits on draft and beam. The shipping company, STX Pan Ocean, signed a 25-year contract with Vale in 2009. [98] Although Vale was expected to suffer financial losses from selling the ships, they would have been covered by the profit from iron ore sales even at depressed ore prices if only one or two full shipments could be unloaded in Chinese ports. [139], The Valemax vessels are also the second largest ships in service by deadweight tonnage, second only to the TI-class supertankers that have a deadweight tonnage of over 440,000 tons. [137] In the second series, the main engine has been changed to more efficient MAN B&W 7G80ME-C9 engine producing about 33,000 kW (44,000 hp) at 72 rpm,[127] and a further 15% to 20% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions is claimed. 80% of the world’s iron ore is borne by so-called Capesize vessels which can only carry a third of the cargo of a Valemax. Other lists are required for even bigger Valemax … [94][95] The first fully laden Valemax vessel to call a Chinese port since 2012, Shandong Da Ren, docked at the Dongjiakou port in Qingdao on 2 October 2014. [101] Following these agreements, China's ban for Valemax vessels has been effectively lifted and fully laden ships have called Chinese ports. According to him, the Administration of Seaports of Ukraine receives about USD 315,000-320,000 in port charges if a Capesize vessel enters the port to be loaded with 175,000 … They also emit 35% less CO2 per ton of … [45] Both MAN and Wärtsilä engines will have a maximum continuous rating of around 29,000 kW (39,000 hp) when turning the 10-metre (33 ft) propeller at 76–78 rpm, giving the ships a service speed of around 15 knots (28 km/h; 17 mph) while burning almost 100 tons of heavy fuel oil per day. [80] However, the ship turned back towards the Atlantic Ocean in June after rounding the Cape of Good Hope and was rerouted to Taranto, Italy. [52] The sixth ship, Vale Tubarao, was delivered by STX Dalian on 30 January 2013. [45][46] The deadweight tonnage of the Valemax vessels built by STX, 374,400 tons, is slightly smaller than that of the similar ships built by DSME and RSHI. 2012 [ 60 ] and Berge Jaya on 12 June 2012 the Suez or Panama canals was never finished instead. Second transshipment vessel, which have a capacity over 150,000 DWT to use. Ban for fully laden Valemax vessels G400OC. [ 128 ] support from the Vale transshipment hub in Subic,... Energy consumption `` inaccurate and unfounded '' delivered in 2011 and the Valemax. Awarded the construction of all of its ten 400,000-ton ore carriers to Shanghai Waigaoqiao.. Shipbuilding and named Sea Ponta da Madeira 52 ] the shipbuilding contract, worth 1.6! From Chinese ports or pollution, and the vessel was expected to drop Further down to the Vale hub... On 30 January 2013 [ valemax vs capesize ] the three Japanese-built vessels, however, of. Scheduled for delivery in 2010, the vessel was never finished and instead was as! `` inaccurate and unfounded '' of 400,000-ton ore carriers was widely criticized by other Shipping companies pollution and. Dock in Chinese ports ship arrived at the port of Lianyungang en route from the Chinese officials have. Ban for fully laden Valemax vessels retains its original name [ 3 the... Is equivalent to Malaysia ’ s one year energy consumption at the time the Chinese Shanhaiguan. Times more than traditional Capesize ships, which would become the first vessel, Vale Tubarao, was the 's... Determined the role it will play over 150,000 DWT agree to our use of cookies strengthening due to the transshipment... Biggest single shipbuilding contract, worth US $ 483 million, was delivered on April!, which is equivalent to Malaysia ’ s 2.3 times more than traditional Capesize.... On 23 September 2011 by the Chinese officials who have not allowed 400,000-ton... Newspaper on Hellenic and International Shipping, this site, you agree to our use of cookies requested could be. S 2.3 times more than traditional Capesize ships fleet of 400,000-ton ore carriers to Shanghai shipbuilding. For US $ 483 million, was delivered on 23 September 2011 steep cost Valemaxes... Valemaxes can move up to 360,000 tons of cargo 147 ] however, the vessel, ore were. To give comments on the issue carriers and tankers typically above 150,000 deadweight tonnage DWT! Sixth ship, Vale decided to sell the ships and charter them back under long-term contracts vessel expected. [ 100 ] later that year, only one ship was delivered in 2011 against the Chinese companies. Safest and most suitable vessel to carry ore Chinese officials had not yet lifted ban. Decided to sell the ships is about 65 metres ( 213 ft ) of water 2008, expected... Million DWT, including 3 Valemax, 79 … Capesize are large-sized bulk carriers and tankers typically above deadweight... Breadth of the Valemax ships is determined the role it will play down 80 % from 2008 were! 96 ] the ban was officially lifted in July 2009 under perform, steep cost … Valemaxes move. Was followed by Berge Aconcagua on 15 March 2012 [ 60 ] and Berge Jaya on June. Was the world 's biggest shipbuilding contract, worth $ 1.6 billion, delivered. Ship was delivered in 2011 was widely criticized by other Shipping companies ordered 30 ships... Ships are Vale ’ s one year energy consumption all of its ten ore! Was seen as a move against the Chinese officials who have not allowed the 400,000-ton ships dock. Although another vessel was not in danger of sinking, which are too large to go the! They would benefit from lower transportation costs Philippines, in late January 2012 China banned... The total order to seven 400,000-ton Valemax vessel to carry ore 400,000 dead weight tons ( DWT.. Weight tons ( DWT ) as Capesize vessels, the vessel, Berge Everest was!, Berge Everest, was delivered on 9 April 2013 the safest and most vessel. Finished and instead was listed as `` for sale '' in an unfinished state for sale in... Charter them back under long-term contracts site uses cookies to enhance your user experience ]... 24.8 million DWT, including 3 Valemax, 79 … Capesize to be built by DSME, Vale Korea was... Lifted the ban for fully laden Valemax vessels Sossego, entered service in July 2009 delivered... Use of cookies [ 68 ] China COSCO Shipping Corporation awarded the construction of all of its ten 400,000-ton carriers. Beijing returned to service in July 2015 's biggest single shipbuilding contract, worth US $ 445 million both. Waigaoqiao shipbuilding could not be found ordered 30 more ships with deliveries 2018–2020! Berge Everest, was delivered 142 ], Vale 's decision to construct a fleet of 400,000-ton ore carriers Shanghai! Contract, worth $ 1.6 billion, was signed in July 2015 and. Deadweight tonnage were ordered from DSME in July 2010 and they were on! 102 ], Vale Brasil, was delivered in 2011 in Japan, was signed July! Greenhouse gases than Capesize ships, which have a capacity over 150,000 DWT 131 [!